01. Kelly bought herself a nice, new [outfit] to wear on the first day at her new job.
02. He and his brother [outfitted] their parents' garage as a little service station where they could fix people's cars.
03. The expedition is being [outfitted] with everything it needs by a company that makes mountain-climbing equipment.
04. The dancers had on bright silver and gold [outfits] that barely covered their beautiful, young bodies.
05. All the classrooms are [outfitted] with televisions, CD players and DVD players.
06. Emily looked pretty good in her cheerleader [outfit] at the basketball game today.
07. Kent went to the Halloween party wearing a cowboy [outfit].
08. The firefighter showed us his entire [outfit], complete with oxygen mask, helmet, boots, and everything.
09. The kids are always excited at the start of the school year because they get [outfitted] in all new clothes.
10. Our [outfit] is responsible for helping to oversee voting procedures in the country's first democratic elections.
11. She wore a beautiful pink [outfit] to the party.
12. We picked up a cute little Mickey Mouse [outfit] for my nephew's birthday.
13. Gordon only took the cooking course at school because he wanted to wear a cook's [outfit].
14. An [outfit] by the name of Jaish-e-Mohammad Mujahideen E-Tanzeem has been banned by the Indian government under provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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